2011 Support Services

klipMedical Support Services (SS) enables klipMedical EMR clients to be successful in today’s fast-paced and changing healthcare environment. We know the most critical factor in our company’s success is customer satisfaction. KlipMedical’s commitment to you is to provide “unlimited” support, throughout 2011, regardless of the status of your implementation phase.

2011 Medical Records (on physical media)

klipMedical has taken the HIPAA requirements one step further. We provide our patients with 24 hour access to their medical data. Provider’s patient data is also available in a digital (DVD) format, for a nominal fee.

Implementation – Training

Client Implementation & Training

Your experience with klipMedical begins the day you sign up for your subscription service. However, if you choose to have klipMedical assist with your implementation, on-site, a klipMedical consultant will work with you to establish a project lead, deployment schedule and training needs. klipMedical’s solutions are intuitive to set up, easy to use and implement. The faster our clients learn to operate our systems the more quickly their practice will realize greater operational efficiencies, improve overall patient care and generate the expected return on investment (ROI).

The problem most clients have with traditional EHR systems is the complexity of implementing all the “custom” templates. With klipMedical all our templates are built into our standard EMR. In addition to preloading hundreds of commonly used medical diagnoses, procedures, medications and treatment plans, we will also integrate any medical forms you currently use in your practice.

Preparation phase

To prepare for klipMedical training, your practice will assign a project lead. This individual will be responsible for coordination of the training schedules of other staff members and validating your setup. Everyone in your practice should devote an appropriate amount of time to learn the software and systems.

Daily Use phase

Shortly after training, your practice will begin the Daily Use phase. We will assist in evaluating your current workflow and make any necessary adjustments to accommodate your practice’s daily operations.

Post Daily Use Consultation

Throughout the first 90 days klipMedical will conduct, with you and your staff, a workflow analysis and practice evaluation. Your klipMedical consultant will help you streamline your workflow processes and analyze how the staff is using klipMedical EMR to improve efficiencies throughout your practice.

Ongoing support and your feedback

Our Support Service team is always a telephone call or email away to answer questions and work with you. Customer feedback is vital to klipMedical’s continued success and the long-term partnership we build with each of our clients.