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klipMedical Features

  • klipMedical is a complete Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and information storage system that can be accessed via the Internet from any computer in the world.

    klipMedical is designed to replace paper records. The program is easy to use and allows for the simple creation of documents, records and schedules. Medical records, complete with basic information, medical history, prescriptions and insurance coverage can be created in minutes. All information is live updated to the rest of the system. Notes, requests and test results can be added to a record using the “Smart Cards,” which then become part of the file. klipMedical can also be gradually expanded and configured, with specialized card templates added as forms, or for different tasks, devices or tests.

  • klipMedical does not require any of the expensive hardware, software, server installation or maintenance that can double the initial cost of other systems.

    Many other EMR systems require hardware, software and on-site servers to store information. This can raise the price into the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for small clinics, and millions of dollars for hospitals. Other EMR storage programs can take weeks to install, and usually require hiring outside consultants to help staff adjust to the new system. Additionally, many companies recommend cancelling all patients for up to a week while staff embark on demonstrations and trials of the software. Some physicians report that it takes a year or more to return to their pre-transition efficiency levels and profit margins. With klipMedical, you can sign up today, and start using it today. klipMedical’s easy to use, online storage system makes the expensive, in-house storage EMR programs obsolete.

  • Our unique and configurable Medical Web Desk is a user friendly “Dashboard” that allows for complete scheduling, records and document management control from the home screen.

    Your klipMedical “Dashboard” is your home screen, and can be configured to fit your needs and the needs of your practice. You can set up your Dashboard to display anything from time, date, calendars, schedules, a list of the day’s patients, messages, Lab/Test results to clinical and financial statistics. Every klipMedical user can have their own Dashboard settings, meaning different physicians, departments and members of staff can tailor their Dashboard to fit their needs.

  • HIPAA compliant storage of all the information generated by a physician or clinic removes the risk of records being lost or compromised.

    For more information, see the Compliance page.

  • Any file can be stored on a data-DVD or saved as a .pdf, meaning there are permanent, tangible back-ups to all your files.

    With klipMedical, you have the unique ability to back-up any record, set of records, documents, schedules or any other information onto a data-DVD, or download it as a .pdf file. It also allows you to use klipMedical in conjunction with other programs. Data sets, such as financial records, can be downloaded and then inputted into a tax or financial records program. This can be useful for legal or tax purposes, for collecting statistical data or simply for peace of mind.

  • klipMedical gives physicians and clinics a “web presence,” a site where patients can go to learn about the practice, get directions, print out forms, message their physician and schedule appointments online—greatly reducing on-site administration time.

    klipMedical provides every physician and clinic with a website where patients can learn about the practice and complete administrative tasks from home. The website includes an overview of the clinic/physician and its services, the capability to send a message to the doctor, directions and a map to the clinic, appointment requests and important forms in .pdf format. These forms, exactly like the ones found at the clinic, can be printed out and completed at home. This will greatly reduce administrative work and increase efficiency.

  • • Electronic Medical Records systems can save physicians up to 50 minutes per day, increasing efficiency, providing better health outcomes and making both physicians and clinics more profitable.

    Though it may seem daunting at first, switching to an EMR has undeniable incentives. A recent study by The Commonwealth Fund showed that switching from paper records to EMRs can save physicians up to 50 minutes per day. This is time that can be spent seeing more patients, spending longer in exam rooms, managing clinical statistics and finances, or just relaxing. Though there are few cumulative studies that fully illustrate the financial return on investment, the financial incentives created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) help pay for EMRs like klipMedical.

  • With klipMedical, statistics and outcomes can be easily tracked and managed — which improves patient care, simplifies regulatory compliance and enables physicians to participate in local, state and national healthcare programs.

    In the shifting healthcare climate, the ability to organize and analyze clinical statistics and outcomes is crucial. High quality patient care and pay-for performance are becoming the regulatory standard in many states, and it is up to practitioners and clinics to prove that is what they are providing. As a result, records must be easily retrievable, both for legal and regulatory purposes. As the desire for improved healthcare outcomes increases, so to do local, state and federal government incentives, which are largely based on statistical reports and outcomes. klipMedical can help to track and organize patient care statistics automatically and store the information on the system, or as a data-DVD or .pdf report.

  • klipMedical is an interoperable system that can interface with other medical programs, IT hardware and medical devices, allowing for electronic device-to-system, clinic-to-clinic, and clinic-to-regional center linking.

    One of the largest problems with current EMRs is the lack of ability to interface with other programs and devices. klipMedical has the capability to work with other medical programs, clearinghouse systems and medical and hospital devices. Information, such as laboratory reports or x-ray pictures, appear on the screen as soon as they’re put into the system, which in many cases happens automatically. This allows klipMedical users to share information and records within clinics, provide fast and easy referrals, and share information with governmental or regional agencies electronically. 

  • klipMedical is guaranteed to be ARRA (Stimulus Act) compliant.

    For more information, see the Stimulus Act section.

  • Access klipMedical on the go with our iPhone App.

    With klipMedical’s Native iPhone Application, you can access your klipMedical account from anywhere via your iPhone! The iPhone app allows access to all of the features and records that the computer based system offers. You can also configure your Dashboard and settings on the iPhone app, giving you and your clinic ultimate scheduling and document management flexibility!

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